Magento Hosting for Serious Stores

Finding a host that can handle a Magento installation is not that hard. After all, it’s written using PHP / MySQL which almost every host is capable of these days. The problem is finding a Magento hosting provider that knows what they’re doing. When we first started working with clients using Magento back in 2009, we went through several different hosts and finally found the perfect Magento hosting company: Nexcess.

Magento is FAST on Nexcess

The number one complaint about Magento is that it’s slow. There are a few things you can do to speed up magento, but ultimately your site is limited by the server that’s running it. Nexcess has created specific Magento hosting plans that run really really fast. Other hosting companies claim their servers are built for Magento but they have no data to back up those claims. Click here to view all the details about how they optimize for Magento.

24-7 Support

Support is the most important part of a hosting package. There is nothing worse than having your website go down outside of a hosting company’s normal operating hours. Nexcess has 24-7 support and it truly is 24-7.

We do most of our Magento upgrades outside of peak traffic hours which just so happens to be around 2 am. One time we had a problem during an upgrade and sent an email to Nexcess support. Within 15 minutes we received a reply and were able to instantly solve our upgrade issue. Their claim to 24-7 support is legit, unlike every other hosting company we’ve dealt with.

Limited Accounts per Server

Hosting companies love to over promise and they especially love to oversell. The great thing about Nexcess is that they limit a total number of stores per server so you don’t have to worry about your store slowing down over time.

Nightly MySQL Backups

Backing up your Magento store is important. Nexcess does nightly MySQL backups so that you don’t have to login to Magento and run a backup manually.

SSH Access

Not all Magento hosts will allow you to have access to the site through SSH. Most people won’t need to use this, but those that know their way around the shell will love this feature. SSH isn’t set up by default, but if you email s[email protected] with your IP address they’ll enable it.

Overall, Nexcess is one of the best Magento hosting companies out there. If you’re having trouble with your hosting company, let us know and we’ll help you move everything over to Nexcess.