Bootstrap + CakePHP = BootstrapCake – A Console Shell Template

One of our favorite PHP MVC frameworks to work with is CakePHP. It’s our framework of choice when developing web applications for our clients and also for internal applications for managing projects. The first thing we do when starting a new project is to open up the console and “bake” an application. The next thing we do is replace all of the ugly default styling that comes with CakePHP with the beautiful design of Bootstrap.

We realized that this process was tedious so we decided to create a Bootstrap shell template that generates all of the default elements styled with Bootstrap 3.0 responsive elements. There are some similar solutions out there that do a great job, but we decided to take a different approach and to use the latest version of Bootstrap (3.0).

Download on GitHub

CakePHP (index.ctp)

Bootstrap (index.ctp)

CakePHP (add.ctp)

Bootstrap (add.ctp)

CakePHP (edit.ctp)

Bootstrap (edit.ctp)

CakePHP (view.ctp)

Bootstrap (view.ctp)